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Is Religion Necessary?


What is ‘religion’?”  “How do I know what is true?”  “Why does God allow suffering?”


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What is ‘religion’?”  “How do I know what is true?”  “Why does God allow suffering?”  “Do I have to go to Church?” This Study Guide answers commonly asked questions in a user friendly style with references to the Bible and the Compendium of the Catechism, plus other Church teachings. A great resource for home groups, youth, catechists.

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Barbara Reed Mason


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About Barbara

barbaraBarbara Reed Mason has been involved in faith formation for over twenty-five years in the UK where she currently resides, and internationally, giving retreats, talks, catechetical instruction and Bible Studies to young people and adults. She is the author of the study guide "Is Religion Necessary? And Other Questions", and the CTS pamphlets "The Gift of Faith", "Mercy: The Greatest Gift".