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The God Who Speaks


A 13 page resource for Small Groups to encourage Catholics to read and pray with the Bible.


Product description

This booklet presents four 90 minute sessions. The Small Groups read excerpts from Verbum Domini addressing topics such as: God’s fervent desire to communicate personally with us through Scripture; the relationship between the Old and New Testaments; the “dark” passages in the Bible which prove difficult due to the violence and immorality they contain; living the word of God. They reflect upon relevant verses from the Bible and discuss the few questions provided, then pray using lectio divina as taught by Benedict XVI, led by the parish priest or deacon.


About Barbara

barbaraBarbara Reed Mason has been involved in faith formation for over twenty-five years in the UK where she currently resides, and internationally, giving retreats, talks, catechetical instruction and Bible Studies to young people and adults. She is the author of the study guide "Is Religion Necessary? And Other Questions", and the CTS pamphlets "The Gift of Faith", "Mercy: The Greatest Gift".